Kawl Ralkap nih fa ngeika Chin nu a vapa hmai ah an tlaihhrem

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Uknak firtu Min Aung Hlaing ralkap 3 nih November 11 ah Chin state, Tedim peng, Ak Luai khuate ah fa ngei kami Chin nu cu a chungkhar hmai ah voi tampi an tlaihhrem. Mah pinah, a vapa zong an velh hrem i an suiṭhi le manngei thilri paoh an chuh dih hna.

CDF-Tedim (Zomi Federal Union) nih, “Uknak firtu minung pawl nih hitin minung tuahsernak hmanh a lo lomi an tuahsernak chiakha cu asi khawh chungin mipi theihter lo an i zuam. Mah kong nan chim ahcun kan in thah hna lai tiin chungkhar cu an tlerh hna. Hitin an serhsatmi hna le an nuhrin covo an buarpiak mi hna hi Zomi, Chin miphun ningpi le Myanmar mipi dihlak a kan serhsat asi,” tiah cathanh a chuah.

“Atu hi chungkhar cu kanmah Zomi Federal Union nih kan zohkhenh hna. A herhmi thinlung le taksa damnak zong kan bawmh thlop hna lio asi.

“Hi bantuk a chiakha mi tuahsernak pawl hi ralhrang Kawl Ralkap nih kum tampi chung ralram ah an tuah pengmi asi.

“Hi bantuk minung tuahsernak hmanh a lo lomi an tuahsernak hi a theipar an zunnak hnga an kut tuartu hna caah phu kan hlam lai,” ati.

Zomi Federal Union – English translation 

Press release on behalf of the victim’s family

Date – 16 November 2021
Letter No. – 20211107

On November 11, 2021, three members of the military coup repeatedly raped a mother, who just gave birth, in front of her family, tortured her husband, and confiscated their valuable jewelry in Ak Luai Village, Tedim Township, Chin State.

Coup d’état members’ attempts to cover up such inhumane atrocities have threatened the lives of the victims’ families and others who have spoken out. Such abuses and human rights abuses are rampant among the Zomi people. It is an insult to the Chin people and the people of Burma as a whole.

Currently, the victim’s family is in the care of the Zomi Federal Union, and is receiving the necessary mental and physical help and support. 

The atrocities like this are the result of years of war crimes committed by the terrorist military army. It is announced that justice will be done for all the victims of these kind of inhuman and injustice acts.

Lian cu Seihnam Journal ah Editor-in-chief a rak ṭuan. UNHCR zung i RSC department ah kum 4 chung holhlet le calet a ṭuan pah in Faiceu Journal ah 'editor' in a rak bawm pah hna. 2016 ah The Chin Express a dirh i ni fatin Chin thawngpang le vawlei cung thawngpang phunkip a ṭial, atanglei ah rel khawh an si.

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